Hello! We are now using a new website, and this site is no longer being updated. To visit our new website, please go to uaveggiecats.wixsite.com/website.


We are Veggie Cats, the vegan and vegetarian ASUA club at the University of Arizona!

Vegan for the planet🌎, for the animals🐄, and for our health🍉.

last updated 4/2/20

All in-person events and meetings are suspended for the rest of the semester, but we will be staying active virtually instead! This will include website updates, an increased Instagram presence, and a virtual Earth Day celebration. If you are interested in joining our Zoom meetings, please send us a DM on Instagram!


President: Danielle D.
Vice President: Thomas D.
Secretary: Lori M.
Treasurer and Outreach Chair: Maia W.
Social Chair: Kailee K.